As a parent and homeowner, the direction of our community is very important to me. While I was raised in suburban Chicago, when my wife and I were married and planning a family, in 2000 we purchased our first home in Vienna to be in a small close-knit community. Although for employment reasons, we moved away for a brief sojourn in Shepherd Park, DC we returned to raise our children here in Vienna.

The last three and half years on Town Council have gone quickly and it has been a privilege to serve Vienna on Town Council, previously as a planning commissioner and chair of the Maple Avenue Vision Steering  Committee. I have endeavored to provide strong engagement with our community, businesses, and staff to shape the issues before us – what is not only the best value, but the best choices for our Town.  My goals is to serve as an effective steward not only for what the Town is today, but for what the community aspires to be while maintaining our distinct independent town.

Looking forward, we are creating the Town’s strategic plan and our shared vision for the next 10 to 20 years as well as looking to improve public engagement. While much of our Town’s sense of community revolves around activities, the other element I have been working toward is our vision for a walkable community by focusing on both the planning/zoning elements as well as engineering choices. Further, we are facing the challenge of deteriorating water and sewer infrastructure and the ongoing issue of traffic congestion.

Professionally, I come from a background in transportation engineering and urban planning with a strong dose of public administration thrown in. I have performed engineering and planning projects as small as a transportation impact and safety studies to administering a ~$75M traffic services program for a city transportation department. Our town needs to look at creative ways where Vienna can maintain our place in Northern Virginia and not be overshadowed by transportation, development and economic pressures. Council, commissions, staff, residents and businesses must be proactively engaged in community affairs in northern Virginia rather than simply react to issues as they arise.

Thank you for electing me to a second term on Town Council. I will work collaboratively with residents and businesses to make Vienna better at what it is without  fundamentally changing that sense of community brings people to our town.  If you would like additional information that you do not see here, please contact me by e-mail.

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Douglas E. Noble

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