What Could the Town of Vienna Do Better? Part 1

[BACKGROUND: The Northeast Vienna Citizens Association asked all candidates three questions for their newsletter. Below is an expanded version of my response]

Can you offer any examples of things that the Town of Vienna does now that it could do better? or begin/cease doing?

Our residents, businesses and their customers are transitioning into a new level of expectation for communication and civic engagement. We need to be providing more routine updates on governance, meetings, recreational activities, and construction projects through multiple media sources: newsletter, website, social media and the cable channel. There have been any number of Council, Planning Commission or Transportation Safety Commission meeting I have attended where the people standing up to speak about X, Y. or Z state this is the first they have heard about it.  I know the Town is sending out materials and somewhere in between there is a disconnect that we need to figure out.

We need to understand how people want to receive information not only today, but in the near future. As information technology advances, the Town should look at creative ways to leverage benefits to meet the community’s stated needs.  As a result of this feedback and planning, some things may begin and some may sunset. That does not mean that print communication should cease; on the contrary, the Town’s community survey has shown that a significant number of residents want the Town newsletter in their mailboxes each month.

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