Construction Project Manager

[BACKGROUND: The Northeast Vienna Citizens Association asked all candidates three questions for their newsletter. Below is an expanded version of my response]

Given the additional costs incurred for the community center renovation and the subsequent hiring of a term-limited Construction Project Manager to guide it and the future police department construction project to completion, do you think the position should afterwards be re-advertised and made permanent in order to ensure ALL substantial capital projects, including major road projects, are satisfactorily completed and on schedule?

A Construction Project Manager is an important and necessary role for any building or infrastructure project to be completed on time and on budget. The person in this role should be brought into the project(s) when the design documents reach 90% completion, be part of constructability and value engineering reviews, and participate in any partnering sessions with selected contractor.

The Town should maintain funding for a full-time equivalent position through associated capital improvement program projects. However, the Town should retain some flexibility in selecting person(s) to fulfill this role because the qualifications are different between building construction, stream restoration, water and sewer, roadway or traffic signal projects. Much of this will depend on which significant projects or group of similar projects are coming on-line and when. The Public Works Department should examine the workload to have right individuals in place for the project(s) matching their expertise to provide the highest value for the Town.  Again, depending on the timing and project type this maybe one person full-time, two people half-time, or some other combination.


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