Planning Commission – April 13 Public Hearings on 1st Two Maple Ave Rezonings

Wednesday, April 13th at 8:00 p.m. the Planning Commission will continue consideration of the first two rezoning applications to come in under the new Maple Avenue zoning amendments (MAC).  The agenda is available here. Both of the applications have gone through meetings and work sessions with the Board of Architectural Review and the Planning Commission since this past fall.

Vienna Market Place (formerly Marco Polo Restaurant)

This development is a mixed-use proposal of 26,000 sq. ft. of first floor retail and 49 brownstone-style townhouse units on the 1.97 acre site.

Key issue (from staff report):  Applicant request to convert Church Street NW to two-way for the length of the property to allow egress to Pleasant Street NW.

Flagship Carwash

This development is proposed as a two-story commercial development with a ground floor fast food restaurant with drive thru (Chick-Fil-A) and an enclosed car wash on the second floor as well as one underground level of parking.

Key issue (from staff report): Drive thru exit roadway across the face of the building to access the frontage road for vehicles heading westbound on Maple Avenue. Staff states that this may be acceptable for morning deliveries; however, a one way drive lane for regularly exiting drive thru traffic is inconsistent with the MAC goal of pedestrian-friendly redevelopment.

Separately there is a proffered intersection improvement for James Madison Drive and Maple Avenue that would be addressed as a separate project.

3 thoughts on “Planning Commission – April 13 Public Hearings on 1st Two Maple Ave Rezonings

  1. Doug, I will be coming in late. A question is? Is the PC requiring them to have two parking spaces for each housing unit, and enough parking per code requirement for square footage for commercial use.


  2. The Town staff reviewed the parking for the housing and retail have indicated in prior meetings that it is applied per the code under the MAC. This is shown on page 3 of the applicant’s site plan.


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