Follin Lane…Update from DPW

Friday at close of business I received the following update and two week look ahead from Mike Gallagher, the Deputy Public Works Director:

Week of May 9th

  • Mon. May 9  –  Grade and compact street and sidewalk subgrade, backfill sidewalk, pour sidewalks and curbs
  •  Tue.  May 10 – Grade and compact street and sidewalks subgrade, backfill curbs, reinstall signs, place topsoil
  •  Wed. May 11 – Manipulate and place cement in subgrade*, place topsoil, re-install signs, place 6” base paving in slot closest to NFCU
  • Thur. May 12 – Manipulate and place cement in subgrade*, place topsoil, reinstall signs, Look to start 6 inch stone street base
  •  Friday May 13 – Finish Manipulation if needed, place stone street base,
  • Sat. May 14 –  Work if we lose day due to Rain

Note: From personal observation street grading is working between Hine and the townhouses near Maple as of Saturday May 7. Sidewalk area is cleared and the stone base being placed from both ends of the project.  My understanding is that adding cement to the subgrade is to stabilize the clay soil and necessary for the road to not deteriorate too quickly.

Week of May 16th

  • Mon. May 16 – Place 6 inch street stone base, topsoil, look to place sod
  •  Tue. May 17 –  Place 6 inch Street stone base, place sod, start fine grade stone base
  •  Wed. May 18 – Finish 6 inch Street stone base and continue Stone fine grade, place sod, get ready for storm and water work on Echols and detour needed
  •  Thur.  May 19 – Complete fine grade stone, start 4 inch base asphalt , place sod
  •  Fri May 20 – Complete 4 inch base asphalt, get ready for storm and water relocate on Echols and detour needed

May 23rd and beyond
The Deputy Public Works Director provided the following summary of work beyond May 23rd toward completion of the entire project, “…there is some storm drain work and water relocation to be done on Echols Street. This will be done while traffic is open on Follin Lane, with Echols closed between Follin and Mashie during the days and re-opened at night. This will require temporary daytime detours for about a week. Then the intersection of Follin and Echols will be re-built and which will require the complete closure of the intersection completely for about one week. 24 hour detours around the intersection will be required.  As we get closer to this work being scheduled, notices will be sent to surrounding community.  Last, the final surface pavement will be laid with Follin lane open using flagging operations and appropriate  traffic control.”

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