Some Q&A Thoughts, Part 2

[BACKGROUND: The Northeast Vienna Citizens Association asked all candidates four questions for their newsletter. Below is an my response to their questions]

The last town wide traffic calming study was done in 2008.  With all the new developments proposed for Town, how do you believe the Town should deal with all the additional traffic issues that will certainly follow? Should the town be more proactive in traffic control, initiate a new study, and consider new technologies as they develop to move traffic through Town more efficiently?

Our traffic calming program is driven by safety for pedestrians, bicyclists and drivers.  We do need to update the Town’s Guide to Traffic Calming to reflect more recent practices and available solutions.  Vienna should develop town-specific street standards to size streets for adjacent land uses (see the new street typology added to 2015 update to the Comprehensive Plan) that are distinct from VDOT residential street standards. We should incorporate traffic calming design into roadway reconstruction projects. The Town has already installed rectangular rapid flashing beacons (RRFB’s) on Beulah Road which have just recently been reauthorized for use. Further, the Town has allocated funds to purchase active speed feedback signs and is beginning to design a centrally controlled traffic-responsive traffic signal system.

Included in the Parks and Recreation mission statement is a commitment to “maintain 13 parks and numerous trails and stream valleys” in Town.  Many times our streams need extra help during the year besides the town-wide clean ups.  How would you encourage Parks and Recreation to do more clean-ups on a needed time frame.

The first step is to identify and notify the Town that help for a particular location is needed.  In addition to calling, recently the Town has launched a service request web portal ( , also as an iPhone or Android app) where citizens can report a wide range of issues including those with our streams.  The next step is to determine the type of response whether by Town staff for immediate or high risk situations, or something that can be planned and incorporate community members.  An idea I will be exploring with our parks and recreation director this coming year is an “Adopt a Stream” program that could potentially provide more frequent opportunities.

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