Can We Get to Solutions?

Below is the longer version from what has been posted with the agenda item on the Town website. (Includes updates from the July 1, 2019 Council meeting.)

My reason for this motion is that we cannot sit around wringing our hands about what should be done or not done…we need to get to solutions that can be acted upon.  The community has discussed this in the context of existing issues as well as impact of future development. We should move forward with this independent of the conversation related to revisiting the 380 Maple Avenue Zoning approval. (FYI — I would expect that once the study scoping occurs, the Town Manager and DPW Director may come back to Council for funding if outside consulting services are necessary as this study is not currently budgeted.)

I will further note that the only requirement I have for this process is that the affected community agrees on that set of solutions; it is their choice I also do not want the TSC and DPW to limit themselves in their recommendations as there are a lot of good, practical and creative transportation safety solutions out there.


Town Council Direction to Transportation Safety Commission (TSC) and Department of Public Works (DPW)
– from Council Member Noble – NEW ITEM

Background:  Where as:

  • The affected neighborhood has identified the need for various traffic safety improvements to address pre-existing and development related issues. However, there has been little consensus on the specific definition of the issues, nor the potential solutions.  No petitions have been submitted to TSC to request study of pre-existing issues. Some 15 years ago there was a request from Glen Avenue residents to NOT have sidewalks, for example; though current comments have discussed the need for pedestrian safety.
  • The Town of Vienna has received proffers from the applicants from 444 Maple Avenue ($16,000) and 380 Maple Avenue ($79,950) for traffic safety improvement to address issues related to their projects.
  • Existing data is available from studies for:
    • 444 Maple Avenue;
    • 380 Maple Avenue;
    • Maple Avenue Multimodal Transportation and Land Use Study;
    • Pedestrian crossing study for Courthouse Road SW and Glen Avenue;
    • I-66 Vienna neighborhood impact study; and
  • Street typology concepts connecting land use and transportation from the Town’s Comprehensive Plan

    ….along with other data available from DPW, schools and other sources.

  • The TSC serves as the Town commission where public engagement on transportation safety issues occurs.
  • The DPW can provide through staff or independent consulting services resources to collect supplemental information, analyze data, and make recommendations.
  • Study area defined to include multiple streets to address potential diversion of traffic to other streets in the area (e.g. from Glen Ave/Wade Hampton Dr/Roland St to Pleasant St or Courthouse Rd and vice versa).

Direction: To initiate a transportation safety study for the area bounded by Courthouse Road SW, Nutley Street, and Maple Avenue (inclusive of these streets where appropriate) coordinated with other existing studies and data sources.  The study should examine, but not necessarily be limited to, pedestrian safety and sidewalks, bicycle safety, speed, cut thru traffic, sight distance associated with both existing and future conditions.  The intent is to create a consensus-based suite of recommendations to address infrastructure needs to guide how people drive, bicycle, and walk in this neighborhood. This approach would use the TSC as the pubic body to engage the neighborhood to achieve consensus defining the problem and agreeing to solutions with DPW resources to provide analytical and engineering support to the process.  Note: funding for proffers may only be used for potential improvements to Glen Ave/Wade Hampton Dr/Roland St, other potential improvements would need to be funded through Town resources from the Capital Improvement Program.

Proposed Motion: I move to direct the Transportation Safety Commission (TSC) with the support of Department of Public Works (DPW) resources to initiate a transportation safety improvement study for the area bounded by Courthouse Road SW, Nutley Street, and Maple Avenue. The TSC will act as a convening body to receive information from the public on the nature of the existing issues, impact of future development on those issues, review study scoping in response to the defined set of issues with the DPW, review analysis and recommendations from DPW, and convene meeting(s) with the public to review recommendations and to reach a consensus-based set of agreed upon projects for implementation. This set of proposed project would be recommended to Town Council for approval.


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